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Haro Group 1 RS-1 1987 Custom Bike Black/Blue

Brand: Haro

Code: HAROG1210720

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Brand: Haro

Our VERY LAST ever Haro Group 1 RS1 frame and fork custom built into a complete bike with Group 1 three piece cranks, ODI Mushroom grips, Comp III skinwall tyres, Dia-Compe brake, etc. 

•  Haro Group 1 1987 re-issue frame & fork. Full 4130 cro-mo throughout. 19.5" toptube. 

•  Dia-Compe headset. 

•  Nitto MX-2 stem.

•  Salt handelbars. 9" rise. 

•  ODI Mushroom grips. 

•  Relic railed seat. 

•  Darxide 14" cro-mo seatpost.

•  Dia-Compe MX1500 seatclamp. 

•  Haro Group 1 3 piece cro-mo crank. 175mm.  

•  Sealed bearing bottom bracket. 

•  Haro Uni-Directional chainring & powderdisc, 44T.

•  DMR Classic V8 Alloy platform pedals.

•  Odyssey Pitbull brake lever.

•  Dia-Compe AD-990 U-brake. 

•  Raleigh/Diamond Back alloy wheels with stainless spokes

•  4-Jeri freewheel 16T.

•  Tioga Comp III skinwall tyres; 1.75/2.125.