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Robinson Custom Bike 1983 White/Red

Brand: Robinson

Code: ROB1983WHT

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Brand: Robinson

Original c1983 Robinson frame.

Robinson one-off forks that we had remade just for this frame.

Both powder coated white.

New Old Stock stickers, originals from 1983.

Kashimax Aero seat with chrome seat guts.

ETC cromo seatpost with Robinson sticker.

Dia-Compe MX1500 hinged seatclamp.

Dia-Compe MX-890 brake.

Dia-Compe Tech-III lever.

Arcade Precision 9.5" rise bars with Robinson sticker.

GT Cro-mo Power Series cranks. 175mm.

Haro power disc.

ID alloy chainring bolts alloy. 

MCS chainring.

Haro Fusion DX pedals.

Mirage Classic coloured chain.

Raleigh/Diamond Back alloy wheels with red alloy nipples.

4-Jeri 16T freewheel. 

Tioga skinwall Comp III tyres 1.75/2.125.