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Oakley .5 BMX Grips Red Used Survivor

Brand: Oakley

Code: 150421-OAKLEY

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Brand: Oakley

Original 1980's Oakley Point 5 grips with the original supplied donuts. These came off Alan's own personal 1985 Torker Pro-X race bike. 

Very good condition, not faded, and very little wear. One donut is slightly chewed, please see photos. If you wanted you could remove the donuts or easily replace or keep these originals. 

For fit all regular bicycle handlebars - 22.2mm (7/8").

Possibly the rarest of all the Oakley grips. 

Please see photos if you have any questions  call on 01942 826598

We have noticed more of our customers are building these "survivor" bikes using original used parts for that authethic as-ridden-back-in-the day look, rather than going for repainting, polishing and new reproduction parts. Check out our other Survivor parts here.