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Mirage Crank Powerdisc Chrome Used Survivor

Brand: Mirage

Code: 040421-MIRAGE

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Brand: Mirage

An original UK-made Mirage power disc, made circae 1984. 23.8mm centre to fit one piece cranks, can fit 19 or 22mm three piece crank with a top hat washer adaptor that we sell.

Rare chrome plated version (we never made many of these).

Pattern fits 130BCD (Sugino, SunTour, SRC) one side and 110BCD the other (Shimano, Takagi). 

Some marks and pitting to the chrome, please see photos. 

We have noticed more of our customers are building these "survivor" bikes using original used parts for that authethic as-ridden-back-in-the day look, rather than going for repainting, polishing and new reproduction parts. Check out our other Survivor parts here.