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MKS BM-7 Pedals 1/2" Faded Red Used Survivor

Brand: MKS

Code: MKS070321

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Brand: MKS

A pair of decent condition 1980's MKS BM-7 alloy caged pedals. Came off a survivor Robinson bike. The re-issue pedals are pretty much the same except they have chrome spindles, wheras these origianls have black spindles. 

We have noticed more of our customers are building these "survivor" bikes using original used parts for that authethic as-ridden-back-in-the day look, rather than going for repainting, polishing and new reproduction parts.

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 • On the very first Robinson bikes that we built in February 1981, these are the pedals we used along with KKT Lightnings.

 • Made in Japan.

• Great for bikes late 70's to mid-80's.

 • 1/2" thread for all ONE piece cranks.

•  We now sell new spindles for these so you can swap from 1/2" to 9/16" and vice versa. 

 To fit these you we recommend a Pedal Spanner and some grease.