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Flite Jump! 3 Piece Nylon Pad Set

Brand: Flite


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Brand: Flite

Remember the excitement you felt every time Van Halen's Jump! played on the airwaves?  Brings back memories of 1984!  We've captured the moment with the Jump! BMX padset.  Rockin' bright red and the killer black and white lines of Eddie Van Halen's famous guitar, you're gonna love Jumping your bike in your favourite urban playground. 

The second edition features the older, 80's Flite logo. Made in the USA

3 Piece Sets Include:

  • Handlebar Pad 
  • 12" Frame Pad
  • 15" Stem pad - total length including tails

Chromoly Frame Pad fit - Most common size for old school bikes.  Frame fits 1" top tube diameter.  

Cruiser Set - Fits Modern BMX Cruisers with 10 3/4" handlebar pad and 1.25" diameter frame pad. 

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