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S&M Bikes X Alans BMX 40 Year Anniversary 20" Steel Panther Custom Race Bike

Brand: S&M Bikes


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Brand: S&M Bikes

This bike is now sold but contact us to build you one to your spec!

Own a piece of history with this S&M x Alans BMX 40 Year Anniversary Steel Panther race bike custom build with hand picked parts from S&M, Tioga, Box, Gusset, etc. Only 40 frames produced.

We can build a custom bike for you based on our S&M colab - please contact us to discuss.  

Complete parts run down:

S&M Bikes X Alans BMX 40 Year Steel Panther 20" Frame in Trans Teal/Gold/Teal, 22" toptube. Limited edition of 40 frame made in total across all the models

S&M Bikes X Alans BMX 40 Year Enduro V2 Stem, 52mm reach

S&M Bikes X Alans BMX V-bars, 8.7"" rise. Trans Teal to match the frame

S&M Bikes Race XLT forks

Halo MX sealed bearing hubs 36H

Halo Sub-4 rims

Halo spokes

Halo Clickster freewheel 16T

This is the same wheel set up that most of our Alans BMX race team use

Gusset MX-R cranks

Shimano Hollowtech II bottom bracket 

Box Two USA made CNC chainring 43T

KMC B1 chain 

Tioga T-Bone seatpost

Tioga D-Spyer seat 

Indentit QR seatclamp

Dia-Compe MX-2 V-brake and lever 

Dia-Compe BRS cable

Box One x ODI lock on grips

Tioga Power Block tyres

Kenda innertubes



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