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United BMX Maintenence Tool Kit / Pedal Spanner / Chain Tool / Pump Set

Brand: United


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Brand: United

We've assembled for you this brilliant United BMX maintenence kit with the United Tool kit, pedal spanner and pump set. 

United BMX Tool Kit 
Features most of the tools needed to build up your bike, all contained within a handy pocket sized zippered bag making it easy to bring along to any session! It's great value, too. Tools included
1x 6mm Hex Socket
1x 8mm Hex Socket
1x 17mm Deep Socket
1x Socket Extension
1x Torque Handle
3x Tyre Levers

United Pedal Spanner
Soft grip 15mm United pedal spanner.
You really need this if you are fitting pedals to any bike, as a standard open ended spanner is too thick to allow the pedal to tighten up properly and can case irreparable damage to your cranks. A staple for any tool kit.

United Chain Tool
United's signature chain tool is designed to be used for all chains - including half links! It has a big handle for big boys. Also comes with an etched United logo and replaceable pin.

United Mini Track Pump
No one likes getting caught out without a pump when you need one and now there's no reason to with the new United Mini Track Pump. This pump fits in your bag and takes up next to no room so you have no excuse to leave it at home. It operates like a mini floor pump with a flip out foot stand and extendable hose making it simple and easy to use and with the built in gauge you can pump up to a maximum of 140psi.