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Box Two 35mm Bottom Bracket

Brand: Box

Code: BXBB001BLK

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Brand: Box

Several of the upper tier Box bottom brackets were engineered using our Oversized Technology. These were developed in concert with our crank sets. We all know that there is no use pushing hard on your pedals if you can’t deliver most of that power to the rear wheel. During the creation of our bottom brackets we were obsessed withPower delivery AKA pedaling stiffness. To reduce lateral deflection we chose to oversize the bottom bracket and therefore subsequently enlarged the spindle and the crank arm’s interfaces. This made room for larger bearing rings contributing to a vast increase in contact area. We robbed material from unloaded sections to reinforce the zones of high stress. Not only are you going to be more efficient with power delivery, but you’ll also feel the instant response of acceleration. Seen through another lens, less energy will be required to achieve the same elapsed time.

Key differences: The Box Two M35 bottom bracket takes the oversized effort to an extreme with a colossal 35mm diameter cross section courtesy ofPraxis™. That dimension might seem massive, but we’ve also employed the use of Enduro’s burly but smooth gliding precision bearings to support that decision.Remember, you’ll need a modern frame to cope with this kind of technology.

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B52 Technology
ABS Plastic Sleeve
BB30 or PF30 Compatible
Outboard Bearings
Enduro™ Bearings
Oversized™ 35mm
Oversized Technology™

Compatibility Box One™ M35 only
Shell PF30 or BB30 only
Spindle Type Box/Praxis™ M35 only
Weight 138 grams / 4.9 ounces