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Relic is a independent BMX parts company. We believe that the simplicity of a BMX bike is something to be valued and our products reflect this. No gimmicks or flavor of the month stuff, just well made products with a classic bmx feel. We strive to exist and make decisions based around strong morals we have gained from 20 years of riding bikes and all the great experiences we have witnessed along that path. We come from an era of bmx that was paved by the likes of Mat Hoffman and Joe Rich. Not only were these people incredible bike riders responsible for the way people ride today. They were also forward thinking individuals and positive role models for the younger generation. This is something we feel bmx is lacking in a large way. We want to help remind kids that your bike can be a tool to self growth by paying homage to this DIY approach and the legends that pioneered this philosophy.
Relic BMX Parts Relic Elect Top Load Stem
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Relic Elect Top Load Stem


The new Relic Elect stem is a 52mm reach 22mm rise stem designed for Trails and Bowl riding in mind. The stem can be inverted to be a 9mm rise for ...

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