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Sushi Trucks Hollow Kingpin Black 6"

Brand: Sushi

Code: SUS-SKT-0022

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Brand: Sushi

Introducing the new Hollow Kingpin Truck developed by Sushi Skateboards - Tested and designed to be durable, lightweight and responsive.

Features include mid ranged geometry, branded baseplate and a lightweight hollow kingpin.

Hanger width: 6”
Axle to Axle: 8.75”
Bushings: 92a PU Cast
Ride Height: 64mm
Weight: 371g Each

Ideal Truck/Deck sizing:
5” Truck - 7.5 to 7.8” deck width
5.25” Truck - 7.8 to 8.125” deck width
5.5” Truck - 8.125 to 8.5” deck width
6” Truck – 8.5 to 9” deck width

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