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Thomson Elite BMX Stem

Brand: Thomson

Code: TH-SM-E156-BK

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Brand: Thomson

Finally available again in the UK, the Thomson front-load BMX stem. If you want the best, Thomson has you covered with this CNC-machined, USA-made masterpiece. 

The Thomson BMX stem is machined from 7000 series aluminium and is a one-piece design with no welds or joints.

The 50mm wide clamp length and patented undercut around the handlebar combine to grip the handlebar more securely. Thomson’s “two clamps in one” design provides a stiff ride with minimal flexing or squeaking.

Certified to: EN 14766 2006 MTB and DIN CERTCO: 2006 MTB.

The Thomson stem has passed extensive life and ultimate strength tests. An on-going testing program ensures that every production lot of stems meets Thomson standards.

The stem is anodised to prevent corrosion and maintains a nice appearance. Thomson BMX stems are available with a black or silver anodised finish.

Six M6 bolts hold the handlebar firmly in place. The BMX Stem is lightweight, weighing 255g.

Built-in spacer on the stem body clears gyro and eliminates the need for a separate loose spacer.

Every component of the Thomson BMX stem, including the fasteners, is 100% American made.The Thomson stem is designed to have the best combination of stiffness, strength, and durability.