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Vans x Cult Slip On BMX Pro Shoes Black Checker

Brand: Vans

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Code: VN0A4VHU2MH1

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Brand: Vans

In recent times the Slip On Pro has become the defacto shoe for in the know BMX'ers, so it no surprise that Cult chose this silhouette for this rad upcoming Vans colab. As this is the BMX version it also adds the WAFFLECUP BMX sole for unbelievable grip and durability. A herringbone under layer adds a second life beneath Vans’ classic gum rubber compound that has a more rigid flex pattern-all reinforced like a tank. 

Two of the world’s most iconic brands in BMX team up for another collection of footwear. Holiday 2020’s Vans × CULT collection features products inspired by CULT’s iconic style and celebrates both brands’ storied histories together, featuring the Old Skool BMX and Slip-On BMX, both equipped with the revolutionary WAFFLECUP BMX outsole. Each product is branded with the Vans × CULT custom labelling package details.

* VEGAN friendly *
All canvas uppers and non-animal derived glue.

Vans Wafflecup BMX
A first of its kind in BMX. A specifically designed construction that delivers the best combination of pedalfeel, support, and durability.

Pro Vulc Lite
A lighter version of our iconic construction. Single-wrapped, high wall vulcanisation, along with drop-in cushioning and a flexible combo construction provide ultimate pedalfeel, flex, and grip.

UltraCush® 3D
Dual-density UltraCush foam and a structural support cage on the mid foot and heel for superior pedal feel and support ... for days.

Van Doren® Gum Rubber Compound
Our classic gum rubber compound is what attracted BMXers to Vans in the first place. This is the Sole of BMX.

Reinforced underlays in high-wear areas add unrivalled durability to prolong the life of each shoe. 

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