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Vans x SE Bikes Camper Hat White / Red

Brand: Vans

Code: VN0A549WZ781

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Brand: Vans

Honoring a legacy that is both innovative and timeless, the Vans x SE Bikes Camper Hat is a 100% cotton 5-panel camper hat with a high-density screen print at the front and reflective checkerboard screen prints at the sides.

On a sunny autumn day in 1970, in a vacant lot in Long Beach CA, 14-year-old Scot Breithaupt-founder of SE Racing-organized the first-ever BMX race. Since then, BMX has exploded, but SE Bikes has always remained at the forefront, combining BMX Innovations with a love of the sport and all things Bike Life.

Composition:Shell: 100% Cotton, Exclusive of detailing

Style: VN0A549WZ78