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GT Smoothie 2.5" Tyre Black

Brand: GT

Code: GP8157U1026

6 Available

Code: GP8157U1029

16 Available

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Brand: GT

Raise up and ride out on GT's lightweight big volume tyre that was purpose designed to roll fast and hold your line when swerving down the street. As used on the GT and Dyno wheelie bikes.

Available in 26x2.5" or 29x2.5"

Grippier than a Thick Slick ;)

Price one for ONE tyre lads!

Inflated Width: 24- 2.37” (60mm), 26- 2.42” (61.5mm), 29- 2.43” (61.7mm), 29.41” diameter (747mm)

Inflated Diameter: 24- 24.89” (523.2mm), 26- 27.13” (689mm), 29- 29.41” (747mm)

Max Pressure: 65 psi

Weight: 24- 25oz, 26- 27oz, 29- 30oz

  • Smooth ultra tacky tread area
  • Micro texturing on corners to hold while swerving

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