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Bullseye Custom Wheelset with Polished Rims

Brand: Bullseye

Code: BULWH001RD000

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Brand: Bullseye

Beautiful Bullseye Custom wheelset hand bulit by us with Salt Plus Summit Rims in Polished laced to Bullseye Original Hubs with Halo spokes and matching coloured Halo nipples.

Bullseye Original Hubs:

  Bullseye Cycles' iconic, original BMX hub design. We first sold these when we started out in 1981 on our Robinson team bikes.

  Sealed ENDURO ABEC 5 bearings.

  Bulletproof performance and Bullseyes' legendary aesthetics. 

  BMX PLUS's #1 BMX hub of all time.

  3/8” (10mm) female axles front and rear.

  Threaded for 16T or larger screw-on freewheel. 

Salt Plus Summit Rim Polished:

  Material: 6061-T6 alloy

  Size: 36 holes

  ERD: 388.8mm

  Weight: 493g (1.08lb / 17.4oz) (anodized, 36h)

Features: incredibly strong reinforced double wall rim with thicker sidewalls, wider 36mm profile for 2.40”+ tires, NEW Oversize 3mm pin joint