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Alienation Foothold Pedals

Brand: Alienation


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Brand: Alienation

Another high-end sealed-bearing plastic pedal joins the Haro SD pedals on the market, this time from Alienation who are rapidly expanding their product range beyond rims. 
  • Pedal body made of ruggedly durable engineering grade thermoplastic
  • Sealed bearing and LSL (lightweight self-lubricating)  sleeve bushing
  • 6mm broached 9/16″ CNC chromoly spindle
  • 113mm x 105mm x 18mm concave platform for large feet
  • Stainless steel M3-9mm replaceable pins (sold separately bags of 10 pins and nuts)
  • 360g per pair
  • Colours: Black, Pink, Orange, Red
  • 9/16" thread for all three piece cranks

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