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Axxis Bikes HFO Frame 20.5 Grey NOS

Brand: Axxis

Code: SK8FR005GY000

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Brand: Axxis


New Old Stock Mid School Axxis frame from the early 2000's. New but may have a few marks from storage over the years. 

4130 made in USA. 

14mm dropouts.

U-brake mounts. 

1 1/8" headtube.

American BB. 

Axxis was the freestyle division of Alliant Bike Co. Other brands owned by and  associated with Alliant at the time were Dirtmaster and Radix. Axxis company was owned by Mike Devitt (previously of SE) and Gary Turner (previously of GT). Axxis made freestyle and dirt type frames and parts. Alliant and all its co-companies closed their doors in 2005 when Mike and Gary went their seperate ways.