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Axxis Bikes Mutant Frame 20.5" Gloss Black NOS

Brand: Axxis

Code: SK8FR003BK000

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Brand: Axxis

AXXIS bikes was the Freestyle division of ALLIANT, set up by Mike Devitt (SE Racing) and Gary Turner (GT). This frame was handmade in the California and is set to be a classic. 

•  New Old Stock, never assembled.

•  4130 cro-mo frame. Made in USA.

•  20.5" toptube.

•  Seat stay mounted U-brake lugs. 

•  1 1/8" threadless press-in Aheadset. 

•  American bottom bracket.

•  25.4mm seatpost. 

•  14mm dropout slots. 

•  Gloss black finish. May have minor marks from storage.