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Box Genius Short Reach Brake Lever Red

Brand: Box

Code: BXBL000RED

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Brand: Box

Genius brake levers are the first brake levers ever to incorporate a clamp for ODI Lock-On grips. This feature ensures that your grips stay put while eliminating the need for an extra clamp. The levers are cold forged and CNC-machined from the highest-quality 6061-T6 aluminium, making them strong and stiff, yet super lightweight. At 55 grams/1.9 ounces for the Long and 50 grams/1.7 ounces for the Short models, they beat any lever on the market. Unlike other lightweight levers, Genius levers have a built in return spring.Other features include adjustable reach, a titanium mounting bolt and stainless steel hardware.Available with Long or Short levers in anodized red, blue,gold, black and polished with a black anodized perch and laseretchedgraphics.Left-hand levers also are available in black only. Genius levers are designed to work with linear-pull brakes.

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