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Box Harmonic Mini 28H Race Hub Set Red

Brand: Box

Code: BXHU200RED

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Brand: Box

Box designed the super-lightweight Harmonic hubs to meet the needs of the raddest little riders. Starting with cold-forged 6061-T6 hub shells, we added oversize aluminium front axle and rear axle bolts, a Shimano-compatible, 7075-T6 aluminium cassette body and smooth-rolling sealed bearings. A proven reliable 4-pawl cassette body ensures solid engagement every time.

Each set also includes a colour-matched, aluminium, BOX, Edge Lock Ring and a gold, BOX, Zero Cassette Spacer Kit.

Available in 28-hole drilling in red, blue, gold and black with gold hard-anodised cassette bodies or 24-hole in black with gold hard-anodised cassette body. Not recommended for riders weighing more than 120 pounds.  

BX-HU14H1024/28: 383 grams/13.6 ounces complete with lock ring and four spacers

Hub Dimensions:

Front Hub:

Flange Diameter: 45mm

2.65mm Spoke Holes

67.5mm Flange to Flange Width

Rear Hub:

Rt. Flange Diameter: 58mm

Lt. Flange Diameter: 53mm

2.65mm Spoke Holes

50 mm Flange to Flange Width

Rt. Flange to Center: 22.14mm

Lt. Flange to Center: 25mm

We can build these hubs into a wheel for just email or call, thanks!


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