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Box Maximus 31.8 Bars Black

Brand: Box

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Brand: Box

FREE UK DELIVERY including Northern Ireland, Scottish Highlands and Channel Islands. CI & Non-EU also get VAT deducted. See below for Overseas rates.

Maximus handlebars are the first, modern, 31.8, oversize bars designed specifically for BMX racing. When used with the BOX Delta or Hollow, or Promax Banger OS or Impact OS stems (currently the only BMX stems on the market compatible with the Maximus bars), you get the stiffest cockpit available.

The added stiffness significantly improves bike handling while putting more upper body power into your pedal stroke. That means getting out of the gate and down the first straight faster and accelerating quicker out of the turns.

Custom made from the highest quality 4130 chromoly, the bars feature a proprietary 13-butted taper from 22.2 Ø at the grip area to 31.8 Ø across the lower bends.

They are available with 5.5-inch/cruiser, 6.5-, 7.5, 8- and 8.5-inch rises with a width of 28.25 inches and a black powder coated finish. The 5.5-, 8- and 8.5-inch sizes are also available for a limited time in chrome.

All Maximus bars have 7 degrees of back-sweep and 2 degrees of up-sweep. Meets or exceeds ENBMX Category 1 standards. They fit all stems with a 31.8 Ø clamp diameter. 

5.5”-BX-HB1331855: 685 grams/24.1 ounces

6.5”-BX-HB1431865: 691 grams/24.3 ounces

7.5”-BX-HB1431875: 713 grams/25.1 ounces

8”-BX-HB1331880: 753 grams/26.5 ounces

8.5”-BX-HB1331885: 754 grams/26.6 ounces


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