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BSD Giraffic XL 9.5 Bars

Brand: BSD

Code: BSDHB007BK950

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Code: BSDHB007ST950

Special Order!
available 2-3 days!

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Brand: BSD

The GIraffic bars are part of Reed Stark’s signature line of parts. Reed wanted an taller version of his original bar so the 9.5″ XL version was born for all riders looking for that extra height. Constructed from heat-treated multiple butted 4130 chromoly these bars are extra tall, wide and strong while remaining light.


• Width: 29.5″ 

• Height: 9.5″ 

• Backsweep: 13° 

• Upsweep: 1° 

• Weight: 1.66 lbs
• Choco brown

• Black 

• Chrome

• Clear Coat Raw