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BSD Stacked Gorilla Grip Over Size Stem

Brand: BSD

Code: BSDST004BK000

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available 2-3 days!

Code: BSDST004HP000

Special Order!
available 2-3 days!

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Brand: BSD

MORE CLAMPING AREA EQUALS MORE GRIP! - BMX technology moves forward but your bars won’t!

With the new BSD Gorilla Grip OS System the stem clamping area diameter is increased from 7/8” (22.2mm) to 1” (25.4mm). This increase in diameter gives 14% more clamping area than on regular 7/8” handlebars, so when you’re nose-diving down a 12 set your bars are less likely to slip…

•  Full 6061-T6 taller top loader stem

•  Solid bolts

•  CNC machined BSD logo

•  New ‘OS’ 1″ clamp options

•  Reach - 50mm

•  Rise - 33mm

•  Weight - 11oz (312g)


•  Regular sized 7/8” tube at grip area

•  Over sized 1” tube at stem clamping area

•  Bars with custom tapered butted heat-treated 4130 tubing

•  The full range of handlebars and the Stacked Stem are available in the 1” OS Gorilla Grip size alongside the original 7/8”.