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Colony Oz-One Custom Bike

Brand: Colony

Code: ALABK217WH197

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Brand: Colony


We took the limited edition Colony Oz-One frame and loaded it up with top of the line Haro Lineage parts, including the new Kneesaver bars, to make one killer ride.

•  Colony Oz-One frame. 19.5" toptube. Full 4130 cro-mo. The Oz-One takes inspiration from a golden period of BMX & brings it in a modern, rideable package that will surely bring smiles to those riding one. Geometry is close to the Prody Frame, also an inspired frame from years gone by.

•  Haro Lineage forks. 

•  Sealed integrated headset.

•  Gyro set up.

•  Haro Lineage Kneesaver bars. 8.5" rise. Fitted with custom made orange/green stickers to match the frame. 

•  ODI Subliminal grips. 

•  Haro Lineage top load stem.

•  Haro Lineage bolt crank. 175mm. 

•  Haro Lineage Compact Disc 28T.

•  KMC Z510 chain. 

•  MKS Grafight XX pedals. 

•  Haro SATA sealed bearing wheels 9T. RHD.

•  Haro HPF skinwall tyres 2.20.

•  Haro Lineage Tripod seat.

•  Haro Lineage fluted Tripod seatpost. 

•  Dia-Compe Tech-77 levers. 

•  Dia-Compe Hombe AD-996 brakes. 

•  Gyro.