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Odyssey Hazard Lite Rim Limited Edition Anodised Purple

Brand: Odyssey

Code: W-156-ANOPUR

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Brand: Odyssey

Every once in a while Odyssey will come out with a limited edition colour which usually sells out pretty quick. We just uncovered a handful of these Anodised Purple Hazard Lite rims from a few years ago, when they're gone they're gone, so grab 'em while you can. 

Don't forget if you order a hub at the same time the SPOKES (black or stainless Halo) and WHEELBUILD are FREE at Alans BMX.  

A long running standard, the Hazard Lite is revered because of its strength, light weight and affordable price. Constantly imitated but never matched in quality or reliability, the Hazard Lite is used regularly by pro level riders even the ones that are being paid to ride something else. 

• 6000 series aluminium

• 32mm wide

• 17mm tall

• 36H.

It is the best selling rim Odyssey makes, because of its high strength, low weight, and affordable price.

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