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Demolition Rig Tyre Black

Brand: Demolition BMX

Code: DETTY005BK225

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Brand: Demolition BMX

The high pressure (110 psi), lightweight, all terrain Demoilition Rig tyre was designed and tested by Dennis Enarson. Features a low and smooth profile diamond pattern top for street/ ramp, and deeper/ larger squares to grip on rougher surfaces.

•  Available sizes: 2.25 & 2.4

•  New dual density compound that is 20% stronger, and more durable over a longer period of time to prevent rubber hardness or cracks

•  Stronger nylon cord plies to form the body of the tire

•  New 4 cord wire bead steel cables to create a stronger backbone of the tire

•  Weight: 19 oz. (2.25)