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Dig Coming Down: The Story Of Garrett Byrnes DVD Box Set

Brand: Dig

Code: DIGDV00100000

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Brand: Dig

Garrett is one of those guys who we at DIG have long considered to be a true BMX legend and someone whose inspiration continues to operate at a different level than what is perceived as the norm. In fact, riders like Garrett and his ilk are the motivational backbone of our near 25 year existence as a BMX media outlet. This film is simply our way of showing respect for that inspiration and continued motivation.  

This special and limited edition collectors box set includes...

• The ‘Coming Down’ documentary DVD directed by Stew Johnson (running time 45mins approx).

• A 70 ‘Coming Down’ page book with input from the man himself, Mr Garrett Byrnes.

•  A double sided  large format poster shot by Ed Docherty and Rob Dolecki .

• Also includes DIG X ANIMAL X T1 Stickers.


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