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Dirt Master Creature Frame Matt Black NOS

Brand: Dirt Master

Code: SK8FR004BK000

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Brand: Dirt Master


One of the oldest names in BMX, Dirt Master was created by SE Racing part owner Mike Devitt in the 70's building frames through the 90's. Mike Devitt carried on building Dirt Master frames through the early 2000's made by Alliant until 2005 when all stopped.

Here we have a brand new unused USA made Dirt Master Creature 20" frame in matt black finish made for street and vert riding circa 2001.

4130 Chromoly with a 20" top tube, 1 1/8" headtube (custom headset built in with bearings included), US bottom bracket size, 25.4mm seat tube, 14mm axle mount, 990 mounts and weighing at a hefty 4300 grams.

Great condition for the age with the odd mark from storag.