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Dyno Detour 1988 Bike Blue

Brand: Dyno


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Brand: Dyno

1988 Dyno frame & fork with preztel bars, powdercoated Miami blue. Built by us using a new parts including Skyway Tuff wheels, D-Compe brakes, Kashimax seat and GT Power Series alloy cranks. 

• Original 1988 Dyno frame & fork with preztel bars, powdercoated Miami Blue. Not perfect as has been assembled previously. New stickers. 

• Prezel handlebars in matching blue.

• Snake layback post in matching blue. 

•  A'ME Dual grips. 

•  Diamond Back stem.

•  VP headset. 

•  Dia-Compe MX890 brakes front and rear.

•  NOTE: Salt Gyro can be added for £19.99.

•  Kool Stop Vans brake shoes. 

•  Dia-Compe Tech-III levers. 

•  Dia-Compe cables. 

•  Dia-Compe cable clips. 

•  GT alloy Power Series cranks 175mm.

•  GT style cheese grater sprocket 44T.

•  Cult 510 chain. 

•  Kashimax Handler seat.

•  Dia-Compe MX1500 hinged seat clamp. 

•  Skyway Tuff wheels. 

•  Dicta 16T freewheel. 

•  GT LP-5 skinwall 1.75 tyres. 


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