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Dyno Slammer 1993 Bashguard Bike Chrome / Black

Brand: GT

Code: SLAMMER281119

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Brand: GT

Built by us from a US made Dyno Slammer frame with all brand new quality parts from ODI, Dia-Compe, Kahimax, Haro, Odyssey & Diamond Back. 

•  Frame: 1993 Dyno Slammer. Stickers have some marks from storage (see photos), reproductions are available. Chrome is excellent. Handmade in USA. 

•  Forks: Correct Dyno fork, used but VGC with new Dyno stickers.

•  1" threaded. 

•  Stem: Darxide quill, top load. with Odyssey Potts bolt

•  Bars: Genuine Dyno Pretzel. 

•  Grips: ODI Longneck Closed End. 

•  Brake levers:  Dia-Compe Tech-77. 

•  Brakes:  Dia-Compe Bulldog front. Dia-Compe centre pull rear. Gyro system. 

•  Seat: Kashimax Aero.

•  Seat clamp:GT.

•  Cranks: GT Power Series cro-mo 175.

•  Bottom bracket: sealed. 

•  Pedals: Haro Fusion DX.

•  Chain: 1/8".

•  Sprocket: Odyssey Black Widow 43T.

•  Wheels: Diamond Back 48H. 

•  Tyres: GT LP-5 skinwall 1.75. Kenda tubes.