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Eclat E440 / Cortex Front Wheel

Brand: Eclat

Code: ECWH03

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Brand: Eclat

Pro standard Eclat hand built wheel comprising the new E440 rim laced to a Cortex front hub. Comes complete with two and Eclat rim tape.

All Eclat wheelsets are built by hand, they come with stainless steel spokes, rim tape and black nipples and they roll forever! 

Tyre Fitting
If you order a tyre and tube at the same time we'll fit and inflate to max psi, so your new wheel is ready to go straight onto your bike and can get out riding, no faffing about with tyre levers and pumps. 

Cortex Front Hub
Much like our Freecoaster, the Cortex front hub was designed for the streets. Using the same proven narrow flange spacing as our famous Dynamic front hub, the Cortex comes out of the box with x2 Nylon fibreglass hubguards which are long lasting and replaceable for a very low cost. This hub has been tested by the team over the past year and is designed to keep you grinding on and on and on. This hub features a longer 35mm bolt to accommodate plastic pegs and for a stronger female bolt setup. Éclat

E440 Rim
The E440 Rim is the result of a two-year quest to make the lightest possible rim, that could still hold up to the pure savagery that our PRO team put their wheels through. Weighing in at a measly 440g, the E440 is a great ‘lighter weight’ solution for riders wanting a tough, dependable rim that helps reduce rotational weight. Tested to destruction by Jordan Godwin and Jordan O’kane during all of 2019, these rims are designed to hold up to even the most brutal of riding conditions.  - Éclat

Stainless steel spokes in black, with embossed éclat logo detail on the spoke head. Strong and durable design an amazing detail on any wheel build.

All black parts.