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Etnies Jameson Vulc LS x Sheep Shoes Navy Vegan

Brand: Etnies

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Brand: Etnies


Sheep is back and this time, herded by etnies! Originally created in 1996 as a fun & animal-friendly brand, Sheep shoes quickly created a cult following of talented skateboarders, artists, and vegans around the world. This Sheep capsule is 100% animal-friendly, made with all synthetic materials and will sure have fans flocking to buy them. See ewe soon!

The etnies Jameson Vulc LS is the deconstructed version of the Jameson Vulc. It retains footwear design simplicity as a minimal, stripped down lifestyle shoe. It has a one-piece clean toe design and a low toe box, keeping the vamp closer to your foot. Inside the midsole is an egg crate construction to add some extra cushion and comfort to a vulcanized shoe with a STI Foam Lite 1 insole.


Fully deconstructed All Canvas upper  fully Vegan

Foam Lite 1 insole

Midsole egg-crate construction

Geo-Hex tread pattern

Low toe box keeping the vamp closer to your foot

One piece clean toe design

Vulcanised version of Etnies best selling shoe