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Etnies Marana Shoes Black / White / White

Brand: Etnies

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Brand: Etnies

Tough just got tougher. One of Etnies most durable shoes is now more durable than ever - 3x more durable to be exact. Etnies partnered with the planets top manufacturer of rubber Michelin to help reinvent the Marana outsole. The upper includes a fused on injected rubber toe cap for incredible longevity and hidden lace loops to protect your laces. For comfort and performance the Marana includes a padded tongue and collar with a Pro Foam 1 insole. Thanks to Michelin this all sits atop a cupsole formulated with durable Michelin rubber.

Pro Foam 1 Insole
STI Evolution® Foam Midsole
Durable tire tread with deep flex grooves
Michelin performance rubber outsole
Fused on injected rubber toe cap
Padded Tongue And Collar
Hidden Lace Loops