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Federal V2 Liquid Forks Matt Black

Brand: Federal

Code: FOFE009-BK3-100

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Brand: Federal

Federal V2 Liquid Forks - Matt Black 10mm

When Federal introduced the Liquid fork it was one of the first BMX forks to use the investment cast manufacturing technique and proved to be one of the most popular forks on the market. When it came to revising the design they wanted to keep the aesthetics of the original, whilst making the design more contemporary. This resulted in reducing the rake to 30mm, whilst allowing it to accommodate 2.4€ plus sized tyres, a smaller diameter crown, fork legs and a completely revised investment cast dropout. The top cap has been altered from a H25 to a H24 thread to increase the strength of the top of the steerer tube. The end result is a modern looking, lightweight fork which is perfect for street and park use.


0.94kg/ 2lbs 1oz


20/20 heat-treated 4130 Chromoly Steel
30mm offset
165mm steerer tube
H24/ 6mm & 8mm Allen broached top cap
Butted and tapered legs
Integrated bearing race
6mm investment cast dropouts
Fits 2.4€³ tyres