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Federal V3 Freecoaster Hub LHD Male Black

Brand: Federal

Code: HUFE008-BK1-09T

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Brand: Federal


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Let us build this into a wheel for FREE for you! 

Just order hub, rim and spokes (any length) at the same time we'll select the right length) and we'll automatically build it for you for free. Please allow up to 7 days for custom wheel builds.


The V3 freecoaster features a thrust bearing located behind the driver for a smoother operation. This new freecoaster is run by our Greek rider Jason, he swears by this hub and hasn’t had a problem with it since day one. If you need a strong reliable freecoaster this is the one for you. This hub comes in black only, with an option of a male or female axle.


• Designed using patented KHE Technology.

• Additional thrust bearing.

• 36h with 14mm heat treated Chromoly Female or Male axle.

• Available in RHD or LHD with 9t driver.

• Weight: 1lb 7.7oz.

• Colour: Black.