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Fiend Palmere V2 Brakeless Frame Matt Black

Brand: Fiend

Code: FRFI011-BK3-207

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Code: FRFI011-BK3-210

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Brand: Fiend

Garrett Reynolds started Fiend BMX a few years ago as a way for himself and his friends to represent their style of riding without any outside interference or influence. Although the BMX world had already become familiar with the diverse styles and groundbreaking moves of the team, Fiend became an outlet where each rider could present themselves, and their riding in a way they couldn’t with past sponsors. JJ Palmere has been as progressive as any other rider on the Fiend rider, but initially, it wasn’t difficult to confuse him with Garrett; they rode for many of the same companies, grew up relatively close to one another and let’s be honest, JJ kinda looked like Garrett in the beginning. JJ has certainly come into his own over the last few years, and in doing so, he’s become a devotee of the raw food lifestyle. In fact, he’s become so devoted to the raw life that the inspiration for the graphics on his new V2 signature frame came from chocolate produced naturally from cacao beans. Think Willy Wonka made any of his candy naturally? By the looks of those Oompa Loompas, something tells me some sinister stuff was being cooked up that wouldn’t mesh well with JJ’s diet…

Before we get to the graphics, there are a few important updates to the new Palmere V2 frame that need to be pointed out. Of course, the frame is constructed with heat-treated 4130 chromoly, and just like JJ, is only built for brakeless riding. Gone are the investment-cast head tube gussets; now, front-end reinforcement comes from internal gussets inside of the tubes and an ovalized double-butted downtube, which increases stiffness and dent resistance. The headtube angle (75 degrees), seat tube angle (71 degrees) and bottom bracket height (11.5”) have all remained the same, and the frame is still available in a variety of top tube lengths (20.5”, 20.75”, 21”, 21.25”). Fiend made a point of offering progressive geometry with longer frames; on the V1, this meant jumping from an 8.5” standover to 9” if you rode a 21”+ frame, but with the V2, 9” is the standard. The Palmere V2 frame smartly offers a longer rear-end as the top tube size increases, meaning shorter guys get a 13.25” rear end and those riding 21” or 21.25” bump up to 13.5”, which should add a little more stability to your hop. As we said before, JJ loves his raw, organic food, and unlike most American candy you can find at the convenience store, JJ only eats naturally produced chocolate made with Cacao beans. You see, all chocolate is derived from Cacao, but the stuff you find next to the checkout counter has a composition closer to candle wax than pure chocolate. Cement Face’s Eben Fischer used JJ’s love of all things Cacao based to draw up the trippy Wonka-themed decals, but rather than dipping into a gross chocolate river, the Oompa Loompa’s are getting down to business with the finest Cacao beans. Remember, real chocolate has health benefits, such as providing natural antioxidants, so skip the candy aisle and get down to your local farmers market for the real stuff.

The Fiend Palmere V2 Frame is available everywhere soon. Keep your peeled on Fiend’s and JJ’s Instagram… @fiendbmx and @jjpalmere for availability updates. Choose from Cacao Bean, Cacao Butter or traditional Flat Black. You’ll likely find other signature Fiend parts such as JJ’s V3 Pivotal seat or new top load stem.




•  Top Tube: 20.75″, 21″

•  Head Tube: 75°

•  Seat Tube: 71°

•  Standover: 9″

•  Bottom Bracket Height: 11.5″

•  Rear End Length: 13.25″(20.5″ & 20.75″),13.5″(21″ & 21.25″)

•  Available in brakeless only.

•  Colours: Cacao Bean, Cacao Butter, Flat Black




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