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Firma Removable Style 2 Brake Mount Kit

Brand: Firma

Code: FMABK002BK000

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Brand: Firma

•   Style 1 - Threaded, with 2 lugs and bolts.

•   Style 2 - Threaded, with 2 lugs, frame mount washers and bolts

•   Style 3 - Bolt through style, with 2 lugs. frame mount washers and bolt through bolts.

•   Frame Lugs Cable Hardware - Removable cable guides for the frame and 1 cable adjuster.

•   Please note that if you need both the brake lug mounts and cable guides you will need to add both items to your basket.

•   Style 1 & 2 Should FIT Total BMX The Make Kis Bike Co v2 frames Fiend BMX The Set Hyper Federal We The People*

•   Style 3 Should FIT Fit Bike Co S&M Subrosa Cult United Bsd Skavenger Verde*

* Not guarantee dot fit every model as the manufacturer may have changed design over the years.
•  Call us on 01942 826598 if yu are not sure what you need for your frame!


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