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Fit Bike Co Hango Frame Trans Gold

Brand: Fit Bike Co

Code: FRFI73GO275

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Brand: Fit Bike Co

Jordan Hango is a Canadian street beast who murders everything he touches. His signature frame features a classic geometry with a larger downtube and thicker dropouts designed to survive deadly drops.

  • Classic Feel
  • Engraved Maple Leaf head tube
  • Larger 1.5″ Down Tube
  • Thicker 1/4″ Dropouts
  • American Made
  • Brake Mount Kit NOT Included (Sold Seperately)

PLEASE NOTE: This bike has a Translucent paint finish which means you can see the welds and anything else through the paint. It is generally not as durable as solid paint and can scratch easier. Additionally, the steel can develop sort of spider-web marks which of course you can see through the translucent paint, this is all part of the effect in a way, but we are just making you aware it. If this isn't for you, we'd suggest a non-translucent paint finish.  

Sizes 20.75″, 21″, 21.25”
Rear End Length 13.4″ -14”
Head Tube Angle 75°
Seat Tube Angle 71°
Seat Clamp Integrated
BB Height 11.5”
Standover 8.75”
Head Tube Integrated, (45°/45°, 41.8mm)
Bottom Bracket Mid
Dropouts 14mm, 4Q Baked, 1/4″ Thick
Brake Mounts Thread-On (sold separately)
Gyro Tabs None
Tubeset Vari-Wall Platinum Air Hardening Cr-Mo
Weight 20.75” – 5.18 lb / 2.34 kg

21” – 5.19 lb / 2.35 kg

21.25” – 5.23 lb / 2.37 kg