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Fly Racing F-16 Kids Race Pants Orange/Teal 26"

Brand: Fly Racing

Code: FLRPN006OT026

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Brand: Fly Racing

Durable 600D Construction for strong and outstanding durability

Adjustable Belt single adjustable belt for maximum fit and comfort

Ratcheting Fly Closure allows for additional adjustability and positive closure for a secure fit

YKK Main Zipper for maximum zipper durability

Stretch Rib strategically used where pant flexibility is most important

Mesh Comfort Liner helps keep you cool and comfortable

Integrated TPR fully integrated TPR (Thermoplastic rubber) badges

Flex Knee pre-shaped, ultra stretch knee/thigh construction for knee brace comfort

900D Knee Panels panels at the inside knees protect from hot exhaust systems

Leg Cuff Design low profile stretch cuffs