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Fly Bikes Lunar Rim

Brand: Fly Bikes

Code: FLYRM005DG000

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Brand: Fly Bikes

Rims, historically are something that don’t really change too much, but with the never-ending evolution of BMX, and “flybikes” being a brand to never sit still it was time to freshen up our very popular “Classic” rim with some much needed improvements. Besides the strength and obvious design features of the “Classic” rim, the new “Lunar” rim includes a greater spoke offset for increased stability and refined adjustability, an overall taller shape, deeper rim bed for easier tyre installation, thicker sidewall thickness for dent resistance, a rim lip that helps avoid pinch-flats, all rounded out with a perfect 34mm. width. The “Lunar” rim has it all!

•  Colours: Flat Black, Space Grey, Dark Gold

•  Material: 6061 T6 Alloy

•  Width: 34mm.

•  Height: 19mm.

•  Weight: 517 g / 18.2 oz (rim strip included)