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G-Sport Ratchet Hubguard

Brand: G-Sport

Code: GSPHG002BK000

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Code: GSPHG002HP000

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Brand: G-Sport


• When you design a completely new hub from the ground up it makes sense to design a guard at the same time instead of as an afterthought.

• The Ratchet guard ONLY fits the Ratchet hub and integrates seamlessly with the axle system. Supported by the Ratchet hub’s huge 20mm axle and replacing the non-drive side collar the Ratchet Guard is probably the toughest guard in existence.

• The Hub Guard is cold forged from 2014-T6 Aluminum to keep the strength high, weight low and price affordable. • The guard replaces the steel collar on the Ratchet hub, for a super secure mounting and no spreading your frame’s dropouts to get it to fit. A hardened steel insert inside the aluminum spreads the pressure and prevents crushing no matter the abuse. Best used with one of the 5 ribs in the backside of the hub down, centered with your grinding area.



▪ Weight as Fitted (Minus Removed Collar Weight): 54g / 1.9oz

▪ Actual Weight: 80g / 2.8oz


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