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G-Sport Rollcage 48H Rim

Brand: G-Sport

Code: GSWR-702-HBK

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Brand: G-Sport

The 48H Rollcage rim from Odyssey uses the proven Ribcage shape and cross-over lacing pattern but at a lower cost and lighter weight to boot. Industry standard 6061-T6 alloy and no ribs help keep the price down. 

The Rollcage has the same super tough sidewall and bead profile of our Ribcage but it's 10% lighter. You will recognise the rims by their outer shape, but the Rollcage is actually 2mm narrower and easily identified by the groove in the middle of the inner wall.

Sizes: 20" only
Drilling: 48H
Weight: 450g / 15.9oz
Width: 34mm
Height: 18.5mm
ERD: 389mm
U.S. Patent 7,427,112