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GT Fueler Frame 21.25 Chrome

Brand: GT

Code: G43187M602X

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Brand: GT

The GT Fueler frame features the same great styling as the original GT BMX Fueler from the mid 90's but with all up to date specs and geometry.  GT cut no corners on the new Fueler frame either.  Features include 100% chromoly construction, double gussets, oversize 1.5" down tube, butted tubing and cnc'ed dropouts.  The new Fueler is a great BMX frame to ride hard on street, park or trails or just to look like a sweet retro bike. Available from us a custom build, contact us for options. 

 21.25" top tube

 13.5"- 13.875" rear end

 72.5" seat tube angle

 Chainstay removable brake mounts (included)

 11.61" bottom bracket height

 Mid bottom bracket shell

 14mm dropouts

 Removable gyro tabs

 5" tall headtube

 Weight = 2.47kg / 5 lbs. 7 oz.