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Gusset Magog FL Stem Black

Brand: Gusset

Code: ASGUG53K

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Brand: Gusset

Magog stem

In British mythology, Magog was one of a race of giants spawned by immigrant daughters of a Roman Emperor and native demons. This warrior's infamy has survived the ages since he roamed the then desolate Albion that he called his home. The Gusset Magog stem embodies some of the strength and ferocity shared by the ancient brute that is its namesake.

Designed in-house by riders, the stem features strategically placed cutouts to increase strength-to-weight ratio and reduce bar-slip.

Forged 6061 alloy body with burly CNC machined design.
53mm extension, available in anodised Black, Blue or Red, or polished Silver.
Weight 280g TBC.

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