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Halo JX2 20x1 1/8 Front Race Wheel

Brand: Halo


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Brand: Halo

The super-low weights of our new 11/8 Junior race wheels offer the younger riders outstanding acceleration, whilst the tough box section rims give riders the confidence and security to nail the track.

Precision assembled and hand trued with Halo Double butted spokes, 7075 CNC alloy nipples and Halo MX series hubs and double wall, eyeleted Halo JX2 (11/8) rims.
Performance optimised 28 hole front radial lacing
Front rim is black anodised all over.

Recommended weight limits:
JX2 (11/8) 45Kg (100lb).


Halo MXF 28H hub (Red)
Halo Double butted spokes (Black) - radial laced.
Halo 7075 CNC Alloy nipples (Red)
Halo JX2 rim with eyelets (All Black)
Weight: 590g exc. bolts
Supplied Cr-Mo axle bolts with alloy covers.