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Halo Sub-4 Front Race Wheel 20 inch Black/Red

Brand: Halo


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Brand: Halo

Built with Double Butted Halo Spokesa and Red Alloy nipples onto a Halo Sub-4 Rim with the Halo MXF Front hub in Red. Cheap lightweight race wheel great as a spare.


Sub-4 MXR wheels.

Halo's Sub 4 MXRC wheelset comes in at a mere 17g over 1.5Kg (3.3Lbs) per pair,
and yet still delivers the strength and performance required for BMX racing.

These are the wheels that propelled Factory Team Identiti's Joey Gough to the 2012 World Championship title in the Women's 17+ category.

Precision assembled and hand trued with Halo Double butted spokes, 7075 CNC alloy nipples and of course Halo MX series hubs and double wall, eyeleted Halo Sub4 30mm rims.
Two rear hub options.
Race strength optimised 32H hole front and 36H rear lacing (for spoke strength where it's required. Front rims are black anodised all over, while the rear rim has a CNC finished brake wall for precision braking performance.

Halo Sub 4 Front:
Halo MXF 32H hub (Red)
Halo Double butted spokes (Black)
Halo 7075 CNC Alloy nipples (Red)
Halo Sub4 rim with eyelets (All Black)
Weight: 705g exc. bolts
Supplied Cr-Mo axle bolts with alloy covers.

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