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Haro 1990 Invert Bike Blue

Brand: Haro

Code: HAROINVERT050723

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Brand: Haro

Rare circa 1900 Haro Invert, only made for a couple of years. We started with an original frame and fork that was in great condition with original paint and stickers but with scratches. So, we then went through the bike top to bottom assembling it with all new parts to make one rad ride. 

1990 Haro Invert frame and Bought in from customer restoration, stripped to raw, powder coated with custom decals by Del. 

Haro Kneesaver bars. 8.5" rise.

ODI Longneck closed end grips. 

Haro Group 1 stem with custom polished top.

VP headset. 

Vocal 1" gryo. 

Dia-Compe Bulldog brakes. 

Dia-Compe Tech-77 brake levers. 

Velo VL-117 aero seat.

S&M Layback seatpost. 

Dia-Compe MX1500N seatclamp. 

Haro Fusion alloy 3 piece crank with sealed bottom bracket.

ID chainring bolts. 

Haro Uni-Directional chainring, 44T.

KMC chain. 

MKS Grafight XX pedals.

Diamond Back 36H alloy wheels. Skyway Tuff wheel option available extra. Please ask.

Panaracer HP-406 tyres.