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Haro 2017 Lineage 1987 Team Master Frame Black/Yellow/Chrome

Brand: Haro

Code: HARFR011YL210

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Brand: Haro

Haro are now up to 1987 with their 30 year tribute programme. In addition to the awesome complete Master and Sport bikes, frames only are available in a choice of top tube lengths; 20.5, 20.75 or 21”.  The Master comes in the Black/Blue/Chrome or the Black/Yellow/Chrome that the bike comes in. These Lineage frame use all modern technology and are designed to be ridden hard. If you want a bike to look at or take on a Ride Out then the Vintage Series frames might be better for you. 

As always we can build one of these into a custom bike. 


•  100% chromoly Lineage Team Master tribute frame with twin top tube.

•  Hourglass Mid BB shell.

•  Integrated head tube.

•  Lineage cast dropouts with integrated chain tensioners.

•  20.5”, 20.75” or 21” top tube length.

•  Colours: Black/Blue/Chrome or Black/Yellow/Chrome.

•  Lineage 990 fork available separately in black or chrome with 4 sets of graphics that match of each of the Lineage frames offered.