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Haro 2019 Lineage Team Master Bashguard Frame and Forks 21" Black

Brand: Haro

Code: HARFR023BK210

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Brand: Haro

Due to demand we have split a couple of the 2019 Bashguard complete bikes and now have a very small number of framesets and parts available on their own.

• Chrome 20.5", Red 20.75" or Black 21".

• 100% chromoly Lineage Team Bashguard Master frame with twin top tube, removable brake hardware, Mid BB shell, integrated head tube and Lineage cast dropouts with integrated chain tensioners

• 100% heat treated chromoly Lineage fork with CNC 1 piece internal threaded steer tube, integrated bearing race, tapered legs, investment cast dropouts and 990 brake mounts with internal brake cable routing

• Lineage seat clamp included.

• The Plastic bashguard plate is included on the frame.

Most other parts are available but may not all be listed individually yet - so please let us know what you need and we'll work out a deal for you. We will also have the complete parts kit for sale minus this frame and fork.